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There are a number of conditions that may require surgery on the orbit (eye socket)


The thyroid gland located in the neck, produces thyroid hormone that helps regulate our metabolism. An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause an inflammatory reaction in the orbit (eye socket) causing, pain, double vision or loss of vision.

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Orbital Implants

The orbit (eye socket) is a shaped like an ice cream cone, with eyeball at the front and the orbit walls being made of bone. Orbital implants can repair traumatic breaks of the orbital walls and cure double vision or a sunken appearance of the eyes.

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An enucleation is the surgical procedure to remove an eye, the volume lost is then replaced by inserting an implant. The two most common indications for this operation is for tumour removal or a non-seeing eye that is painful.

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Orbit Tumours

Many tumours that occur in the orbit are benign (don’t break off and spread to other parts of the body), however they may grow and press on vital structures such as the optic nerve and eye and slowly cause loss of vision.

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